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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- I forgot my user pin and password. What do I do?
A- On the login page, click on the box labeled "GO". A page will come up asking for your e-mail address. Click on the "Password Request" Button. Your pin and password will be sent to your registered e-mail address shortly.

Q- Does ANG offer canvas stretching to its members?
A- Yes. In lieu of receiving your canvas rolled, ANG offers affordable gallery wrap stretching to its members. Gallery wrapped canvases are intended to be hung unframed eliminating the additional cost of framing. See gallery wrap definition below.

Q- What type of art marketing company is ANG?
A-ANG markets and sell original and meusium quality limited edition fine art reproductions to Galleries, Interior Decorators, and licenced art distributors with ANG.

Q- Is there a cost to become a distributorr with ANG?
A- No. All potential customers are reviewed prior to being able to purchase art from the ANG web site.

Q- Do I need to buy fine art on a regular basis in order to continue purchasing art from ANG?
A- Only lienced distributors with ANG need to maintain a consistant selling track record with ANG

Q- Why is a museum quality limited edition fine art reproduction from ANG a good purchase?
A- ANG museum grade fine art reproductions are considered some of the highest quality in the industry. All our art is exclusively licensed to us and once the edition has been sold out it can no longer be obtained unless purchased from someone who owns one, more then likely at a higher price.

Q- What else should I know about the quality of the fine art reproductions from ANG?
A- ANG uses the highest quality archival inks, canvas and fine art paper media, the same quality we use for museums. These products cannot be found on the open market. Fine art reproductions will last upwards of 80 years without fading. The weight and feel of both the canvas and textured fine art media is excellent. You will notice the quality and the unbelievable realism of the fine art reproductions immediately.

Q- How long does it take to receive a limited edition print?
A- Because our fine reproductions are sometimes hand signed by the artist on an order by order basis it can take up to 18 working days for receipt. In most cases 10 to 15 days.

Q- How will I receive my limited edition fine art?
A- When you receive your fine art reproductions they will arrive either rolled in a hard mailing tub if canvas or a flat container for fine art paper. Neither will be framed. The FedEx and US postal cost for mailings is determined by the size, weight, and final destination.

Q- What do I do when I receive my fine art reproductions?
A- All canvas reproductions need to be stretched before they can be framed. Canvas will come with a minimum of a 1.5" border for this purpose. If you have never framed before we recommend using a professional. Store all art flat until framed.

Q- Does ANG hava a returne policy?
A- Yes. Click on Returne Police to review procedures.

Q- When are commissions paid to Distributors?
A- Commissions are calculated on a monthly basis at 12:00 midnight on the very last day of every month. Commission checks are issued on the 5th working day of the following month.

Q- Can a Distributor create their own website selling ANG products?
A- No distributor may independently design a web site that uses the names, logos, images, ANG art or product descriptions or any likeness in whole or in part of ANG without written permission from ANG. The work displayed on the ANG website is exclusively licensed to ANG. Any unauthorized use of the above may result in the loss of a distributorship.

Glossary of Art Terms

Stretching: The process of tightly wrapping and tacking canvas around wooden stretcher bars for immediate hanging or framing. In lieu of receiving your canvas rolled, ANG offers affordable stretching to its members. Canvas requires stretching before hanging.

Gallery Wrap: Gallery wrapped canvases are intended to be hung unframed. Our gallery wrapped canvases are done on 1 3/8" stretcher bars in order to make them strong enough to hang unframed without warping. The entire image is shown on the front, but extra, rough hand finishing coordinated pigment, has been added on the sides to compliment the picture. No staples are visible. Finally we attach hinges and wire to the back and It's ready to hang on your wall!

Limited Edition: A strict numbering system indicating the size of the issue that limits it to a specific number of reproductions. Once the number has been reached the reproduction of the piece can no longer be reproduced at that size. The edition number is written on the piece. A lower numbered edition adds to the value of the piece. The use of limited editions started in the late 1800s.

Giclee: Means to spray ink in French. The proper term at ANG is "Fine Art Reproduction" and ours is truly fine art.

Certificate of Authenticity: An accompanying document for a limited edition fine art reproductions. It indicates the edition size, the number in the edition, medium, release date, name of artist and piece and publisher. In some pieces it will be provided.

Master Edition: When the artist actually hand paints a canvas fine art reproduction with oil or acrylic adding a very personal touch to each piece. Each piece is unique. The additions are very low in number and rival the value of the original painting.

Hand Signed: The artist has physically signed the piece.

Hand Finished: At ANG all canvas fine art reproductions are brush finished and not sprayed with a clear coat.

Estimated Gallery Selling Price: A guide for selling the art you purchase on the open market. This is found on most pages where you purchase art from ANG. It indicates the suggested retail price found in a fine art gallery for that piece. Actual gallery owners establish the price.

Outside Appraisal: An appraisal of art or fine art reproduction done for ANG by an outside independent firm not associated with ANG. If the art indicates an Outside Appraisal it comes with a letter from the appraiser stating what they estimate the retail value to be. An example of an outside appraiser would be Christie's of New York.

Glossary of Network Marketing Terms

Distributor Compensation Program: Also known as the compensation plan. The structure, commissions, bonus percentages, and performance requirements by which an active Distributor is compensated for by ANG.
                                        Click to see Distributor Compensation Program Schematic

Non-affiliated Customer: Person or entity outside of ANG who an active Distributor or a Preferred Member sells art to at retail prices that rival gallery prices (higher than ANG web prices). Selling can be accomplished through home or off site art shows, selling to individuals, offices, restaurants, hotels, ect.

Preferred Member (PM): A person interested in only purchasing art from an active Distributor's personal ANG web site to collector or sell. They pay the web "PM Price”. They must have signed up from the sponsoring Distributor's web site. There are no monthly requirements to maintain this status and membership is Free.

Distributor: A Distributor is person or entity that has chosen to start his or her own fine art business by meeting the initial requirement ($495 minimum one time purchase of fine art - calculated on the web Distributor Price) and subsequently maintains the monthly minimum requirements based on their position as a Distributor. All Distributors start as Preferred Members until they meet the minimum one time purchase and elect to become a Distributor. As a Distributor you will be eligible to buys art at the lowest prices, receives a free personal website, online tools to run your business and earn commissions in 3 ways. See Distributor Program for more detailed information

Personal Volume: Monthly minimum requirement a Distributor must maintain to keep their status as a
Distributor. $200/month for a Distributor and Preferred Distributor, $1000/ month for higher standing Distributors. PV is based on the combined total of a Distributor’s personally purchased fine art to collect or resell and or any of the Distributor’s personally sponsored PMs (first level only) purchases made from the Distributor’s personal website during that month (calculated on web Distributor Price). Example

Independent Contractor: Distributors in ANG are not employees of the company. As such, they are self-employed and in the US must report any income earned to the IRS for tax purposes. ANG will provide all Preferred Members and Distributors with 1099 at the end of the year. Consult your accountant or tax adviser.

Network Marketing: A direct selling program that pays Distributors for their own sales, as well as for the sales of multiple levels of Distributors who are below them in the company's hierarchy. This is called their downline. The method of distribution is through people who are interested in collecting and selling art and sharing this opportunity with friends and family who will in turn duplicate their efforts.

Downline: A Distributor builds a downline by recruiting and/or sponsoring more distributors. The downline expands exponentially as the distributors they recruited on their first level recruit below them creating more levels. Also known as the sales organization.

Frontline: Experienced Distributors who are the leaders in the organization, the first in line next to the company. Similarly the people you are sponsoring below you in hopes that they will in turn build a strong downline; your frontline.

Upline: The active Distributors above you.

Level: Describes the position of a Distributor in a downline. For example if active "you the distributor" sponsors a new Preferred Member A, Preferred Member A is placed on the first level of your downline. If Preferred Member A elects to become a Distributor then sponsors Preferred Member B, Preferred Member B will be placed on your second level and on Distributor A's first level. ANG allows distributors to go 6 levels deep and unlimited width for compensation.

Orphan: A person who attempts to enroll with ANG as Preferred Member without a sponsor. In most cases they will be assigned to an active Distributor who has the closest zip code and the highest sales for the previous month.

Retail Sale: An outside sale made to a non-affiliated customer by a Distributor or a Preferred Member at prices rivaling gallery prices outside of the ANG web site e.g. selling to individuals, offices, restaurants, and hotels.

Web Distributor Price: The price an active Distributor pays for art from the ANG website, seen as "Distributor Price" on the web.

Web PM Price: The price a Preferred Member pays for art from the ANG website, seen as "PM Price" on the web.

Rollup: In the event a Distributor fails to maintain his or her personal sales volume (PV) or semiannual Distributor fee they loose their active standing and there downline "rolls-up" to the distributor who sponsored the now inactive Distributor.

Autoship Program: A Distributor has the option of ordering art that will be automatically shipped and billed to them . It assures that the Distributor's monthly PV will be met automatically insuring their standing as a Distributor._This Program is not in effect at ANG at this time.

Pyramid Scheme: An illegal business that makes money on enrollment or membership fees with no real product to sell where by the last person to join can't make money. In a legitimate network marketing company, the last person can always make money, and in many cases as much or more then ones above them by buying product wholesale and selling it to customers for a retail profit. A real company such as ANG has real customers buying and using its product.