ABOUT Art Network Group

Since 1998 Art Network Group (ANG) has been a leader in the making of fine art reproductions (giclees).

Our quest is to enhance your art buying experience by bringing you the highest quality fine art and fine art reproductions at the best prices. We travel the Mid Atlantic Region searching for hidden talent and emerging artists bringing you the most collectable art possible. Note: not all art is considered collectable until someone wants what you have and is unable to obtain it. For this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for these gems.

First and foremost, Art Network Group (ANG) sells original art and publishes museum grade limited edition fine art reproductions, also known as giclees. The reproductions are considered some of the highest quality in the industry with prices starting as low as $200. Many of our pieces reside in museums, Congress and famous homes throughout the world. We represent and license artist's individual works of art which become exclusive to ANG. Once the edition has been sold out it can no longer be obtained unless purchased from someone who already owns one, most likely at a higher price.


The founder of Art Network Group (ANG), Rick D'Alessandro, has been in the business of art for the past 12 years and art publishing for the past 10 years. By building his reputation on the highest quality products, he has enjoyed a very successful career as a fine art reproduction guru as well as being successful selling artist, digital artist and professional photographer.

Mr. D'Alessandro has pioneered many innovative and proprietary techniques now used exclusively by Art Network Group to create the highest quality museum grade fine art reproductions available in the market today.