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ANG (Art Network Group) is a network marketing company. Our fine art is not sold through traditional means - galleries, catalogues, or interior design businesses. Our method of distribution is through you as someone who is interested in collecting and selling art and sharing this opportunity with friends and family who will in turn duplicate your efforts.

ANG has created a tremendous opportunity for anyone wishing to start their own fine art business working part time or full time from their home. A person or entity electing to become a Distributor will essentially have a turnkey web based business with all the tools necessary to start immediately. No inventory is required! ANG pays up to 40% of gross revenue to it's Distributors while keeping prices well below gallery prices and offering a superior product.

Anyone joining ANG must first joins as a Preferred Member (PM). Membership is absolutely free with no monthly obligations and the PM is eligible to purchase fine art at the the web indicated PM Price - higher then the Distributor price but well below gallery prices. When a Preferred Member's purchase exceeds $495 they are eligible to become a Distributor.

Difference between a Preferred Member (PM) and a Distributor:

Preferred Member
(PM): PM may buy art at ANG indicated website PM Prices to personally collect or to generate
outside sales. There are no monthly obligations and the membership is free. A PM must complete a form to become active. The form is sent to a future PM by a sponsoring Distributor via e-mail (all information is kept confidential and never released to outside sources). A PM does not earn commissions through web sales unless they elect to become a Distributor. A PM may elect to become a Distributor any time their web purchase exceeds $495 (web Distributor Price). The PM may elect at the moment of purchase or within the subsequent 10 day. If they elect not to become a Distributor during this time period they maintain their position as a Preferred Member. They may apply at a future date when any one purchase again exceed the minimum requirement of $495.

Distributor: A Preferred Member who has elected to start their own fine art business by meeting the initial requirement ($495 minimum one time purchase of fine art - calculated on the web Distributor Price) and subsequently maintains the monthly minimum requirements based on their position as a Distributor. All Distributors start as Preferred Members until they meet the minimum one time purchase and elect to become a Distributor.
A Distributor buys art at the lowest prices, receives a free personal website, online tools to run their business, and earns commissions in 3 ways:

1) Earns commissions monthly on the difference between the web site Distributor Price and the PM Price plus 10% of the Distributor Price when a personally sponsored 1st level Preferred Member (PM) buys art from the Distributor’s personal web site. Example (calculated after monthly PV has been met.)

2) Earns commissions monthly on all sales volume generated by the Distributor's downline from one to six levels deep (up to 40% of downline sales) depending on the Distributor’s position. 5 positions are attainable - Distributor, Preferred Distributor, Art Distributor, Senior Art Distributor and Executive Distributor.  Example.
There are no restrictions on the number of Preferred Members (PM) or Distributors a Distributor may sponsor on their first level.
                                       Download PDF of the Distributor Compensation Plan schematic >>

3) A Sales Bonus is always paid to a Distributor in good standing when any personally sponsored Preferred Member (PM) makes a purchase of more then $495 weather the Preferred Member (PM) elects to become a Distributor or not: 30% of that Preferred Member’s purchase goes to the sponsoring Distributor in addition to the sponsoring Distributor's normal 1st level 10% commission - a total of 40% (calculated on web site Distributor Price).  Example.
The bonus is paid only once per personally sponsored Preferred Member (PM) weather the PM elected to become a Distributor at the time of purchase, at a later date or choose never to become a Distributor. Any future purchases higher then $495 made by the same PM are not eligible for this Bonus once the initial bonus has been paid. Regular commissions are paid to the sponsoring Distributor on future sales made by the same PM (see #1 above). No commissions from this one time Sales Bonus pass to the upline above the sponsoring Distributor. Future commissions from purchases made by the PM or the new Distributor are treated in the normal commission structure for payment to the upline.